About us

Welcome to Etheriology, a pioneering beauty device company. Inspired by the profound works of visionaries Terrence Howard, Walter Russell, and Sevan Bomar, we are dedicated to the harmonious blend of ether, ethereal beauty, and cutting-edge science.

Our Vision

At Etheriology, we revere the concept of ether – the quintessence that connects all elements of the universe. We believe in harnessing this ethereal energy to create innovative beauty devices that transcend traditional skincare and wellness methods. Our mission is to illuminate the path to radiant beauty and well-being through the convergence of ancient wisdom and modern technology.

Our Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from the philosophical and scientific contributions of Terrence Howard, Walter Russell, and Sevan Bomar, we embrace a holistic approach to beauty. These thought leaders have profoundly influenced our understanding of the interconnectedness of energy, matter, and consciousness. Their work guides us in creating devices that not only enhance physical appearance but also promote inner harmony and balance.

Our Products

Etheriology offers a range of advanced beauty devices designed to rejuvenate, restore, and revitalize. Each product is meticulously crafted to leverage the power of ether and ethereal principles, delivering transformative results that go beyond skin deep. Our devices utilize state-of-the-art technologies, including LED light therapy and near-infrared light, to target a variety of skincare and wellness concerns.

Why Choose Etheriology?

- **Holistic Approach**: We integrate the timeless wisdom of ether with the latest advancements in beauty technology to offer a comprehensive approach to skincare and wellness.
- **Innovative Technology**: Our devices are engineered to provide deeper penetration and faster, more effective results, ensuring an unparalleled beauty experience.
- **Ethical Commitment**: Etheriology is committed to sustainability and ethical practices. Our products are crafted with care, ensuring they are safe for you and kind to the environment.

Our Commitment

Etheriology is more than a beauty device company; with our HQ in the heart of Sydney, Australia, it is a movement towards a new paradigm of beauty and wellness. We are dedicated to continuous innovation, inspired by the ethereal and grounded in scientific excellence. Our commitment to reverence, quality, and transformative beauty is unwavering.

Join us on this ethereal journey and discover the true essence of beauty with Etheriology. Experience the power of the ether and embrace the future of skincare and wellness.


Etheriology – Where Science Meets the Ethereal, and Beauty Knows No Bounds.